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Is the power on?

Walking up the path to the rickety old door of the cottage... Shining the light around the verandah, we see a very old looking building. The green and cream painted wooden slats on the walls, the tin roof, a little 2 door out house, and we open the front door.

Well my family did tell us after buying this sight-unseen " it's got potential! We looked at each other and I'm sure we both though OMG and laughed, what we were lead to believe was a homely cottage with a metta stove, wine cellar under the house was somewhat of a stretch of the imagination.

So... Putting Flint on his bed in the shed, hanging up the bird cage with him; we got into 1 car and drove to Bridgetown To our booked hotel room with our then cold Red Rooster dinner boxes.

We showered got into bed, while our little girl sleeping soundly in the adjoining room; we both laughed and thought about the journey ahead.

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