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The Lodge B&B

It's been years in the making but the final touches are being placed on the last of the build for the The Lodge and we will soon be able to house you as our guests in three lovely fitted out Queen rooms within the The Lodge.

Luxury decor will allow a relaxing atmosphere looking over the lake and property. Each room has its own entry/exit, allow you the freedom to come and go. Completely surrounded by a verandah with hand made chairs to suit the views. BBQ areas are still available at the lake side however, meals can be enjoyed with us and/or other guests at an arranged booking time.

Self service will be available via the buffet and cooking area for those that feel they would like to cook up a storm. Shared bathroom and laundry areas are available. Each room will be designed to meet your needs with linen, Flat Screen TV and power facility for charging laptops and phones.

All bookings will be via the website, so watch this space and we will keep you up to date with the opening times and publish the booking details.

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